Copy of ABOUT US



Prior to the Napa fire in October of 2017, we had a very successful "Free Range" Egg and Hydroponic lettuce/basil business. The loss of Hens and Crops from the Atlas Fire was devastating. The expense to start over was not in our business plan at all. No one planned for that. We had to switch gears...


After brainstorming other ways we could still provide friendly and detailed personal relations with our customers, and the best product that we can offer, hands down it had to be something we both love.... Coffee and Chocolate!!


Bentley's Napa Valley was born! 


Patrick served 20 years in the Military and of course has had his share of Mil-Spec swill. Definitely never turned it down...but not the best tasting. Our family enjoys the morning cup. Some more enjoyable than others either from home or a store. There has to be better and more consistency. This not only goes for our coffee but our Chocolates as well! There has to be passion in what you do which makes that hard work a little less painful. That is what we are about! We are here to serve you, our clients.


The Who, What, and Why's


 WHO we are....Just like our farm, WE strive for high quality and excellent customer relationships! There is no deviation from that if you want success! 


WHAT is spelled out in our Motto:


We are not meek in our coffees.....Bold means just that!  Freshness is Key! The Balance is the easy part; it's the end result of the experience! Coffee and Mind.


WHY? Passion. Coffee and Chocolate are our passions and we want to share our creations with all of you!


We welcome any thoughts or ideas you may like to see. Hard work and "thinking out of the box" got us here today!  We enjoy it and were confident you will too!


Freshly roasted and brewed "Bentley's" coffee along with a Chocolate covered espresso bean along with a smile to start the day.... Enjoy!



10% of our online sales is donated to Veteran programs.