Bentley's Coffee Sampler Pack

Bentley's Coffee Sampler Pack

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Explore the richness of Bentley's Napa Valley Coffees with Our Exclusive Sampler Packs! 

Dive into the world of exquisite coffee flavors with Bentley's Napa Valley's handpicked sampler packs. Each pack is a journey through our most cherished coffee varieties, giving you a taste of our meticulously crafted flavor profiles.

🔸 Sampler 1 - The Medium Roast Collection: Experience the smooth and balanced notes of Brazil, the harmonious Cafe Blend, the distinctive El Salvador, and the vibrant South American Blend.

🔸 Sampler 2 - The Bold Dark Roast Selection: Savor the depth of Cafe Espresso Blend, the richness of Colombia, the robust Mil-Spec, and the signature Napa Valley Blend.

🔸 Sampler 3 - The Variety Roast Adventure: A curated mix from both worlds, featuring El Salvador, Mil-Spec, Napa Valley Blend, and South American Blend.

Each sampler includes four 4-ounce bags, perfectly portioned to delight your senses. The real challenge? Choosing a favorite from these Bentley's Napa Valley classics!

Embark on your coffee tasting adventure today and find the roast that resonates with you the most!